Register and set up your customized prayer software

Just click that button to the right to register your church/organization. During registration, you will have the opportunity to customize the software to seamlessly integrate with your organchurch/organization website. You will want to fill out some church/organization contact information, upload your church/organization logo and added a welcome message from your Pastor/Organizational Leader. These details will create a safe, custom experience for your organization. We’ll give you a link that is unique for your church/organization. Just have your webmaster put the link somewhere on your website to create your own gateway to the customized prayer software.

Prayer team and organization join

It’s a really simple process. Your church/organization will have two options. You can get started right away with your prayer team, or you can choose to use our experienced Prayer Partners to train your prayer team. Anyone can learn to pray for your church/organization. If you choose to begin right away with your prayer team, they’ll jump right into the prayer software to explore, review our prayer videos and materials, then take a brief prayer software quiz to make sure they are prepared to use the software to it’s fullest. After they pass the test, they’ll be ready to pray for members of your church/organization. If you opt to add on training, your prayer team will go through four weeks of training and will receive a session of prayer from our trained and experienced intercessors. Receiving prayer will allow prayer partners to have a deeper understanding of the intercessory prayer model that we have seen change lives consistently. Regardless of your training option, your prayer team will have training videos and learning material to guide them along the way.

Launch your online prayer software

When it’s time, we’ll set your church prayer team free to prepare to pray for your congregation/organization. If they’ve been trained by our intercessors, they’ll switch sides from receiving prayer to giving prayer. It’s that easy. Once your prayer team is registered and settled, you can invite your congregation/organization in to receive prayer. We encourage congregation/organization leadership to join in this process and experience the online prayer experience for themselves, first-hand. Not only will the congregation/organization leadership be setting an example for the congregation/organization, but they will get excited about this exciting and powerful opportunity to agree in prayer online. Members and and church/organizational leadership will go to your and church/organizational website to register and begin a session of continued prayer with a member of your prayer team. The transition should be simple and seamless.

Watch the celebrations start rolling in

The We Pray Global Prayer Software is built on the Biblical principles of agreement in prayer and speaking His word back to Him. We trust that using God’s own formula for prayer achieves great results. We want Him to get all the glory He deserves, so the prayer software has a built-in celebration area. As God is moving in your church/organization, you will see the celebrations as they happen. Live, within the software.

Track your church/organization with automated reporting

We know you want to keep track of how things are going, so we will provide automated email reporting. You can track how many prayer team members and church/organizational members are active in the software, all inside your inbox, while keeping the prayer requests private and anonymous. Your report will even include the celebrations from members of your church/organization. And, if you choose to use our prayer outreach tools you’ll receive reporting on how many people you are drawing to your church/organization and to Jesus with those tools.

Get creative. This is powerful.

The sky is the limit for the capacity of the We Pray Global Prayer Software! When you register, we’ll send you an information on some of the innovative tools we’ve designed to be used specifically with our online prayer software. We know your ministry/organizational team has even better ideas than us! (p.s. When you come up with a cool idea, let us know so we can share it with other ministries/organizations to help keep God’s Kingdom shaking!)


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