Safe and Secure Prayer Software

We know security is important. Your congregation/organization needs to feel safety within the software. That’s why we’ve made security a priority, and our online software has been designed up to government security standards and tested to withstand even the most resolute hackers.

Focus the passion of your prayer team

The We Pray Global Prayer Software will turn prayer into a tangible, manageable asset for your church. You will have the ability to focus the prayer of your prayer team for a powerful impact that you will see throughout your church. We know this to be true because the We Pray Global Prayer Software will cause your church to employ Biblical principles of prayer like agreement in prayer and saying His Word back to Him.

Train anyone to pray

Think you need a fancy intercessory team to pray for your congregation/organization? Not so. When a member of your congregation/organization registers as a prayer/volunteer team member, we will give them the tools to serve as a powerful intercessor. Not only will they have an opportunity to explore all the tools the We Pray Global Prayer Software has to offer, but they will even receive an introduction of training videos and materials to get them started. And if you want even more training, we can provide your prayer team with a month of guided intercession provided by our own team of experienced intercessors.

Powerful community outreach tool

The powerful dynamic of We Pray Global Prayer Software has endless opportunities. We can walk you through innovative evangelizing techniques created to be used specifically with the online prayer software that will draw your community/people groups to your church/organization and grow your congregation/cooperation/organization.


Invite God to work in your church/organization and celebrate Him!

Because of the biblical foundation of the prayer system, you will see God working in your church/organization because of the We Pray Global Prayer Software. He taught us that He is in the midst of us when two or more are gathered together (Matt. 18.20), and He also taught “us if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us (1 John 5.14-15).” That’s why we provide your church/organization the opportunity to pray together and teach your prayer/volunteer team to use Scripture while praying. We have proven this model to produce tangible results, as we’ve seen God moving and have celebrated within the software as members post celebrations of what God has done.

Automated accountability in reporting

Our software has built-in reporting so you can see how active your congregation/organization is in prayer. Not only will you see the celebrations start rolling in, but you will also see the amount of sponsored funds raised by (with the built-in sponsorship tool).

Protects anonymity for the requestor and the volunteer team

Our software is built to harness the power of prayer. That means we are prepared for the insecurity felt by some when sharing such private details of their life. Your church/organization members will want to know that members of the prayer team will be keeping their situation private, and our software is built to keep every conversation anonymous.