The backstory

During a time of prayer and fasting for another ministry in 2008, Ellen Ledbetter, our Founder and CEO, was given a vision with Scripture of connecting those that are willing to lead with prayer intercessors (1 Corinthians 12:12). The prayer was to be given locally, nationally and globally online and anonymously to those in all segments of society. Her 35 years of leadership experience in corporate America, non-profit organization and a pastor’s wife resulted in a deep desire to give prayer (and to support intercessors in the prayer movement). With passion and great love for Jesus, Ellen understands intercession is key to encountering God through prayer and His word. Through the Father’s divine connection, Ellen partnered with intercessors and other intercessor groups (nationally and globally) to form the foundation of prayer that allows the We Pray Global Prayer Software to help others encounter the love of God and His Word in transforming ways. Through the Father’s direction, Ellen created the concept and prayer model to application in an online prayer software.


The first of its kind

The We Pray Global Prayer Software is the first and only of its kind: a safe place online where people can come to seek God in their situation with the partnership of trained intercessory prayer. We have recently broadened the scope and availability of the Prayer Software, as it has shown to be a powerful tool for churches and other organizations.

We are growing

We have seen countless individuals step along-side We Pray Global out of obedience to God. These individuals have brought their unique gifting and relationships to We Pray Global in order to broaden our impact on America and the globe. We have had the opportunity to reach globally, and are working on developing a relationship in all segments of society. If you’d like to join us on this journey, you will find more information on our nonprofit website, EncounterAmerica.